Debt crisis 2008/9 and Covid 19 Crisis what differences ?

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Within a presentation in a webinar I made some reflections, I report them to you in summary they may help in thinking a new model.

This health crisis has nothing to do with the debt crisis. In the past, governments were taken aback by the globalization of the crisis, this time less and have been much faster in responding.

In the past they have looked carefully at those who gave aid and resources, today all much more transversal and with enormous interventions that we would never have expected.

The crisis of 2008/9 started in a bad and compromised situation, this crisis came that almost everyone was well and were positive.

The previous crisis has not changed any organizational model, here smart working reigns and has changed all our habits and our uses.

In the past, general contraction of the market slow recovery, this time some sectors have taken off and are doing great, perhaps the recovery will be faster.

In 2008/9 they restructured the debt here at most we reorganize companies and newspapers … In the debt crisis we were emotionally affected, today we are emotionally determined.

11 years ago we thought in terms of contingency plan today we imagine a restart plan …

We are distant light years, two almost non-comparable crises, this could be a great opportunity for the future and for digesting some processes that globalization makes inevitable. When is a Universal Health Service?

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